Sunday, 3 December 2017

Beginners & Refreshers Winter Watercolour

We had some very talented Beginner and Refresher artists at Treetops, they painted these lovely Winter Scenes.

Our Beginner & Refresher classes are brilliant at building your confidence, and Claire does a great introduction that covers all you need to know about brushes, papers, paints and methods of watercolour. 

(We provide notebooks for all the useful tips that Claire provides during the day)

The paper we use is from St Cuthberts Mill

and Claire buys most of her materials from

Claire also produces her own range of paints, and these can be bought at Treetops, she has some beautiful colours.

Claire teaches in a step-by-step style so that no-one gets left behind and it ensures an even, steady pace. 

Claire talks about painting from light to dark ....

.. explains about where the light is coming from ...

... shows everyone how to apply their washes before the paper dries ...

.... how to add reflections and shadows ...

and how to use different brushes on the trees, I thought the trees were amazing today.

Our next Beginners & Refreshers class is on Thursday 1 February 2018

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All other 2018 dates are HERE 

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