Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Autumn Term Dates Announcement


Cafe Scene
Acrylics and Collage
Thursday 14 September

Helping to simplify a complicated composition with an understanding of the tonal counterbalance to interpret shapes and details.  (Or painting, glueing, sticking!)  Good fun.

Venice Watercolour
Thursday 5 October

This is such a popular subject and can sometimes be a difficult one to tackle.  But Claire will make it manageable and teach it via a step by step style.  The outcome will be a very effective and atmospheric painting.

Autumn Watercolour
Wednesday 1 November

Beautiful colours in the palettes for this painting.  Bold, warm and vibrant.  Come and get confident at applying colour.  Claire will provide a new image for 2017, so if you have painted Autumn with us before, this will be different.

Winter Scene
Monday 27 November

Using totally different colours to the previous class, this painting will be full of cool colours, with some warm tones softly applied.  This class sells out very quickly.  Many of our artists like to use the painting to print as their Christmas cards.

Winter Scene for Beginners & Refreshers
Friday 1 December

If you haven't painted for a long time or are completely new to Watercolours, this is the best class for you this term.  Claire will spend time introducing you to Watercolour; the brushes, paints, papers, washes and will show you step by step how to plan and paint your work of art. 

Pen & Wash
Tuesday 5 December

Pick up some useful drawing tips and experiment with different drawing techniques and pens.  Claire will have some great images for you to work on, and will help with applying washes to them to bring them to life.  It's a really helpful class for getting started or improving on your sketch book technique.

Winter Scene 2
Wednesday 6 December

Our previous Winter Scene class on Monday 27 November sold out in 48 hours, so here is another opportunity!

To book please email Emily

Monday, 3 July 2017

Lazy Summer Days Watercolour Class

For our last painting class of this term, Claire chose Lazy Summer Days in Watercolour.

There was some tricky drawing to start with, the huts, their steps and perspective!

But after that, the lovely washes for the skies and sand were much more relaxing, followed by the blue sea rippling onto the shore.

Lunch today was delicious Salmon with fennel and tomato

served with giant couscous with feta, onion and sun dried tomatoes 

and a chicory, pomegranate and pumpkin seed salad

The pudding of meringues, cream, greek yoghurt, strawberries, raspberries and blueberries went so fast, I didn't get time for a photo!

At the end of the class, it was great to see the works of art displayed in mounts, so we could see one another's paintings.

Have a great summer everyone, the Autumn term dates will be out shortly.