Wednesday, 19 March 2014

A Windy Seascape Watercolour Class

Back to the paint palettes today for another Windy Painting class, today we focussed on Seascapes.

We spent time applying masking fluid and also some fantastic texture paste for the rocks.

Like yesterday's class, we had to think about movement with each brush stroke.

Our first wash involved putting an orange and yellow sky to create some lovely "lights", then later on once it had dried, we went over the top with darker blue and purple shades, but alllowed some of our lights to peep through.  It was a really good effect.

After lunch we worked on our waves, very tricky!

The colours we used today were great, especially the blues and greens that we mixed for the seas.

Bookings are being taken for next term.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A Windy Day Watercolour Class

We had a lovely day today painting Windy pictures.

As we painted we always had to think of movement and direction. 

The colours and details are great on these paintings.

You can feel this man pushing himself into the wind and rain.

Lindsey from Newbury based "The White Horse Flower Company made these beautiful flowers for the lunch table, I just gave her the brief "Windy"!

We are looking forward to Windy Seascapes tomorrow!

Monday, 10 March 2014

Summer Term Watercolour dates announced .....

Here are our Summer Watercolour dates:

Tuesday 29 April
Cricket on the Green

Wednesday 30 April
Beginners Bluebells

Wednesday 21 May
A Celebration of Sunlight (Andalucia)

Friday 6 June
A Lazy Day on the Thames

Wednesday 2 July
Summer in the Med (Boats)

Thursday 3 July
Summer Sunshine (Landscape)

The classes run from 9:30am - approx 3pm

All of our art classes cost £70, this covers all of your materials, including high quality paper, a 2 course home-cooked lunch with a glass of wine and refreshments throughout the day.

Booking details can be found

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Cornish Harbour Acrylics

We had an excellent day today, painting Cornish Harbours with acrylic paints.

We worked on canvas boards for the first time and everyone enjoyed working on a new surface.  

Claire spent the first hour demonstrating applying the first layer of paint, before everyone set to work on their own paintings.

We used brushes, pallette knives and flat brushes (and even the edge of an old credit card, particularly useful for lines).

There was a lovely vibrancy to everyone's work today.

(Touching up a masterpiece before our gallery at the end of the day).

Summer Term dates will be announced shortly, but in the meantime bookings are being taken for Beginners Bluebells, see the blogpost below.