Monday, 29 April 2019

Bid on 2 Watercolour places for Hospice UK Charity Auction

Treetops is supporting Hospice UK this year by donating an auction lot for their UK Gala Dinner.

We have donated two places for a Watercolour Class
(to be taken by end of 2019)

Bids are being taken online from today.

As the national charity for hospice care, they champion and support the work of more than 200 member organisations, which provide hospice care to around 360,000 people across the UK each year.  This support helps hospices to deliver the highest quality care, and your support with this event can help them to ensure they continue to provide their vital services in the future and so that everyone who needs hospice care, gets hospice care.

If you were thinking of booking a summer or autumn term class, this would be a great idea to not only book a place but also support a very worthy cause.

Bids are opening at £75.....

(Please note that bidding will close at 12:00pm on Tuesday 7 May and will resume at the Gala Dinner on Wednesday 8 May for event attendees only, so you are encouraged to use the 'maximum bid' feature in order to increase your chances of winning the auction).


Another way you can support Hospice UK this summer is to visit one of the gardens from the yellow book of the National Garden Scheme, there are around 3,700 gardens opening their gates to visitors in 2019

The National Garden Scheme is the largest funder of Hospice UK's work, donating £500,000 in 2018, since 1996 a phenomenal £5 million has been given!

Friday, 26 April 2019

Spaces available - Summer in the Garden

Claire joins us on Wednesday 5 June for A Summer in the Garden Watercolour Class

Suitable for all levels of artist, this is a class that will help you with your sketching skills, mastering washes and mixing of colours (we won't be using a green tube of paint for any of the grass and trees!)

Various colours will be dropped into the midground, foreground and background which will help with your understanding and perspective of creating paintings.

This is a great class for helping you with your summer masterpieces, perfect for the days when you can sit outside with your sketch book.

The class runs from 9:30am - approx 3pm and costs £75

This includes all of your materials, a 2 course lunch with a glass of wine and refreshments throughout the day

To book, please email Emily

Aga Baking with Sarah Whitaker

The Aga Lady Sarah Whitaker joined us at Treetops for a day of Aga Baking

It's incredible what she manages to create in such a short space of time!

Whilst she talked about the Aga, the different ovens and how to roast, bake, fry, steam, simmer etc there was a different bake being made

In a very short space of time we had sponge pudding, brownies, meringues, bread, christmas cake, a pineapple cake, pina colada tart, cheesecake, welsh cakes and a fantastic showstopper cake, a light sponge with whipped cream and white chocolate, a dark chocolate collar and topped with fresh fruit, delicious!

A delicious tasting tea of all the food cooked was enjoyed by everyone.

An Introduction to Brusho Paints Class

We had our first introductory class for Brusho Paints, little pots of really intense pigment, gorgeous colours that can create great effects.

Spring was definitely in the air!

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Beautiful Buildings Watercolour

Our recent class with Claire, Beautiful Buildings

This class was all about looking for the beauty in old and forgotten buildings, their structure, their doors, windows, brickwork, setting etc ..

A great opportunity to get out the texture paste to create some effect for the brickwork, and also to work with pens as well as the watercolour paints.

There were so many new techniques learnt it was a great day.

Claire is back next week for our new class, an Introduction to Brusho Paints,
these are vibrant little pots of powdered paint, that create great effects, whether on their own dropped into water or mixed with the water before applying.  I can't wait to see the finished paintings.

There are a few places left if you would like to join us
Wednesday 17 April
9:30am - approx 3pm

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Singing in the Rain Watercolour

We held this lovely colourful class recently with Claire, although it is very suited to today's awful wet weather.

Singing in the Rain, puddles, raindrops, stormy skies and vibrant wellies and coats

We used masking fluid to keep the coloured areas and to create splashy raindrops around the painting

Very cute and great fun.

Thursday, 4 April 2019

What's On at Treetops

Welcome to April

and to beautiful blossoms, magnolias and shortly the bluebells and wisteria.


We have some great classes coming up, so I thought I would write them all down in one place for you

An Introduction to Brusho Paints
Wednesday 17 April
9:3am - 3pm

Aga Baking
Thursday 18 April
9:45am - 1:30pm

Wednesday 1 May
7pm - 9pm

Personalised Papercutting
Tuesday 7 May
10am - 3pm

Free From Cookery
Friday 10 May
10am - 1:30pm

Floral Workshop
Tuesday 14 May
9:45am - 1pm

Relax & Restore Retreat Day
Saturday 1 June
11:30am - 4:30pm

Afternoon Tea in the Garden Watercolour
Wednesday 5 June
9:30am- 3pm

A Room with A View Watercolour
Thursday 6 June
9:30am - 3pm

Portmeirion Watercolour
Wednesday 10 July
9:30am - 3pm

A Tropical Sunset
Thursday 11 July
9:30am -3pm

To book a place or to ask for further details please email me

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Beginners & Refreshers Watercolour Class

It was a beautiful day for our Beginners & Refreshers Watercolour Class last week.

Claire had the group looking at brushes, paints and papers before learning about washes, masking fluid, shadows and reflections.