Saturday, 23 March 2019

Last night's Candlelit Yoga Supper Evening


We had a lovely group of eight in last night for a Candlelit Yoga and Supper Evening with Laura.

With the hall lit just by candles and the fire, Laura led a gentle restorative yoga hour, where we used the bolsters, cushions and blocks to assist our practice.

After a delicious (and nutritious!) supper of soup, brownie bites and warming drinks, we then returned to our mats, snuggling under duvets and warmed eye masks.

Laura talked us through a short relaxation and meditation, followed by a sound session, where she uses quartz bowls, tibetan bowls and koshi bells.

Sound Meditation has many benefits

It quietens the mind, promotes wellbeing, inner peace and calmness and feedback from our many evenings say a good night's sleep afterwards is the best one!

Our next evening is on Tuesday 23 March
7pm - 9:30pm

Book Now as places are limited and tend to go very quickly

Fur and Feathers Watercolour

We had a very productive Pen & Wash Class with Claire

Fur and Feathers

The pictures were fantastic, especially as we had several people who had never tried Pen & Wash before.

We concentrated on furry animals in the morning, with the birds following after lunch.

If you love Wildlife and Animals, then you must head to The Base, Greenham to see the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Exhibition

You may be familiar with this exhibition as it is owned and produced by the Natural History Museum in London

The exhibition showcases 100 incredible photographs.
(There were 50,000 entries from over 90 countries!)

Open until 28th April
(Wednesday - Sunday)
Advance Tickets £9/£7.50/£6
One the Day Tickets £10/50/£9/£6


10am - 5pm

There is a great cafe on site for lunch or tea and free parking.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Freehand Machine Embroidery Class

Lucy joined us on Tuesday to run our first
Freehand Machine Embroidery Class

Everyone brought along their own machine, so that they could get used to working Freehand on it, whilst using the right programmes and 'foot'.

Lucy brought along baskets and cases full of colourful fabrics.

After some demonstrations, the creativity got under way and everyone chose a variety of animals, birds and flowers to practice with .... they all had so much character!

below is Colin the Crow

We had a break for lunch, a delicious fish pie followed by these little chocolate, pear and almond pots served with cream.

Here are a few more of the creations from the day ...

Lucy returns to Treetops for a Personalised Papercutting Class on
Tuesday 7 May
10am - 3pm

We have 4 spaces left on this class.
Please email me to book your place.

Friday, 1 March 2019

A busy week at Treetops

We've had a great week, we started off with our regular Monday Morning Yoga Flow & Sound Meditation class with Laura, which is such a great start to the week

9:45am - 11:15am

Tuesday evening was our monthly Yoga Candlelit Supper Evening
We have two spaces left in March if you would like to join us

Friday 22 March
7pm - 9:30pm

(If you would like to join us on our Retreat Day, we have some spaces left for Saturday 9 March, 11:30am - 4:30pm, a gentle mix of yoga, mindfulness, delicious food, a creative activity, time in the woodlands and sound meditation. £75)

On Wednesday and Thursday we had Watercolour classes with Claire, she is back with us following her hand operation, and we had two great days painting a Cotswold Landscape and beautiful Magnolia Blossoms, enjoy our gallery below! 

We have plenty of spaces between now and July on our other art classes, please click
HERE to find out more

In other Treetops class news, we have Lucy joining us for

Freehand Machine Embroidery
Tuesday 19 March
10am-3pm  £60

Personalised Papercutting
Tuesday 7 May
10am -3pm  £60

We have Sarah for Aga Baking

Tuesday 18 April
9:45am - 1:30pm

and myself running
Free From Cookery

Friday 10 May
10am - 1:30pm

and our lovely new tutor Lindsay joining us to run a Floral Workshop on Tuesday 14 May
9:45am - 1pm

To book any classes please email me