Thursday, 25 April 2013

Acrylics - Seascape

Another wonderfully mellow day with sunshine at Treetops.

Today, Claire showed us Acrylics with texture.

We painted a seascape taken from Porthmeor Beach in St Ives, with the waves crashing against the rocks.

Having painted the sky, sea and sand with only flat brushes, we then used texture modelling paste to create the rocks and swirling frothy waves that crash onto the beach.  This can be done with either a palette knife or fingers. 

The paste takes a while to dry, so we left it to work it's magic whilst we had lunch.

To achieve a lovely smooth finish, especially on our skies we used another product called liquifying medium, this gives a really good fluidity to the paint.

We used some great colours, and did alot of mixing, if you look carefully amongst the rocks, you will see aubergines, reds, yellows, greens.  They may have been rocks, but there were parts in the sunshine, parts covered in seaweed, mussels and limpets, we really needed to give them some texture.

Towards the end we went back into the sea to create some waves and colour, which really brought the paintings to life.

Then for my favourite part, flicking with toothbrushes!
Perfect for creating spray at the crashing wave moment!

This gorgeous blue painting was done by one our ladies of the beautiful sea in Madeira.

I need a trip to the seaside now .....

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Daffodils with Rock Choir!

What a brilliant day!

The sun was out and we had a lovely lovely group from Wokingham's Rock Choir painting daffodils.

Some of the ladies had never painted with watercolour before.

Claire teaches in a step by step style so there was a nice steady calm throughout the day, whilst everyone worked hard on their daffodils.

Wine and lunch proved a welcome break (and yes they did come in that order!)

I'd like to say the singing could be heard for miles around, but I think everyone was too busy concentrating to break out into song!

To find your nearest Rock Choir visit click here

Monday, 8 April 2013

Spaces Available ....

Somewhere the sunshine and warmth are just waiting ....

In the meantime, our classes are filling up for next term, here is a reminder of what is available:

Beginners Watercolour
Tuesday 18 June
9.30am - 3pm
All materials and a 2 course lunch included
3 spaces left

Sunflowers in Watercolour
Wednesday 19 June
9.30am - 3pm
All materials and a 2 course lunch included
1 spaces left

Coastal Watercolour
Wednesday 3 July
9.30am - 3pm
All materials and a 2 course included
4 places left

To book please either call or email me.
Gift vouchers are available.
Further Treetops information is available on the website: