Wednesday, 20 June 2018

June's Relax & Restore Retreat Day

We had a great day on Saturday at our Relax & Restore Retreat Day, a lovely group joined Laura and I for a day of wellbeing and relaxation.

We started outside, it was warm and peaceful as Laura led a gentle yoga flow.

Our theme for the day was Bee You, so our lunch was delicious and nutritious with Laura's 'fresh from the hive' honey used in our dressings and as a drizzle.

We enjoyed warm Persian Lentils with Honeyed Roasted Veg

A yummy baked feta with thyme, figs and honey

A green salad with edible herbs & flowers that was served with a honey, mustard and thyme dressing.

And a very summer pud, home made meringues, baked peaches in basil and honey, served with dairy free vanilla ice cream.

Laura took the group down to the woods after lunch for some meditation and breathwork, it was really relaxing and they were surrounded by birdsong.

Once back at Treetops, I led a Wellbeing and Creative session which was all about the health and body benefits of honey.

We made some honey and lavender bath melts along with some oats, sugar and honey scrub.  Perfect things to take home and carry on the relaxation.

At the end of our day Laura took a calming yoga nidra and sound meditation session, with everyone under their duvets and warmed eye pillows.

It was a perfect end to an idyllic day.

* Laura *

Our next Retreat Day is on Saturday 11 August 2018

To book now, please email me.

Monday, 4 June 2018

A perfect start to the week ahead ....

Welcome back to everyone who came to Yoga this morning.

It's such a perfect way to start the week.

We had our Restorative gentle yoga to start with, lots of soft poses that are held for slightly longer than usual, using props such as bolsters and blocks.  Finishing with a lovely savasana.

Savasana may appear to be a little snooze at the end of a yoga session, but it is a yoga pose, one that is awake, yet relaxed.  (Also known as the corpse pose - as you lie down on your back with your eyes closed so that you can truly relax both your mind and body). 

It is really good at ridding the body of tension, as well as having many other positive benefits, such as helping relieve mild depression, fatigue, headaches, high blood pressure and insomnia.  It's great for calming the whole nervous system.

Join us at 9:30am to 10:30am if this sounds like the yoga class for you.  Beginners are more than welcome, come and give it a go.


After Restorative Yoga, some stay and others join us for Meditation and Breath-work. 

This is such an incredibly relaxing and calming hour.

If you've always wondered what meditation is about, please come and give it a try.

After some gentle settling breath-work whilst sitting we then lay on our mats with our eyes closed, with the warmed eye masks and duvets whilst Laura led a sound meditation. 

Below are her quartz bowl and bells.

The sound from the bowl creates vibrations that really resonate and echo within you, assisting the release of emotional and energy blockages.

Apparently it slows the brainwaves as the soundwaves send us into a dreamlike state.

There are many benefits such as it:

improves memory
helps with relaxation and meditation
improves attention span and focus
stimulates creativity
strengthens resilience
releases tension
reduces anger

The high intensity and low frequency combination of bowls, known as singing bowls, gongs and bells in a sound meditation can induce a deep relaxation response.  Sound healing has been used for centuries.  

Come and give it a go, this class runs from 10:45am - 11:45am


NEW for the next few weeks is our Outdoor Vinyasa Flow class, from 12 noon - 1pm.

It's so lovely to enjoy yoga outside with the fresh air, warmth and bird song.

This class takes the energy levels up a notch and we do some great stretches and poses.

Think warrior pose, downward dog, lunges amongst many. 

I really enjoyed this morning's class, it definitely showed me where my body strength needs some work!

Each of our classes cost £10 and you don't need to bring anything with you.

All equipment and filtered water is provided for you, along with plenty of free parking.

To book, please email me to book your yoga mat (just incase we have a full class) up to 8am each Monday morning.  We are just 5 minutes from the centre of Newbury town centre in a peaceful corner of Wash Common.