Friday, 28 September 2012

Beginners Watercolour Class

We had our first Beginners Class of the term yesterday.

A great group of 8 artists, new to Treetops.

Claire and I really enjoyed the day - the sun was shining, the paintings were wonderful and there was alot of giggling!

After a busy morning of practicing with the paints and water, our artists laid down their first two washes to create a gorgeous golden hue, just in time for lunch!

Delicious pomegranate, cranberry and honey salmon.


Below are the finished paintings.

Don't forget these are from complete beginners, amazing!

Above is Claire with the paintings in mounts, displayed for our gallery and feedback.

There are just a few spaces left this term on our watercolour classes:

1 on Reflections After the Rain - Thursday 11 October
2 on Mixed Media - Thursday 18 October
2 on Putting Life into Still Life - Wednesday 14 November
1 on Beginners - Thursday 15 Novemmber
2 on Crisp Winter Morning - Tuesday 27 November

All the classes run from 9.30am - approx 3pm.

They cost £70 and this includes of all your materials, a 2 course lunch with a glass of wine, teas/coffees and home-made biscuits throughout the day.

To book: 01635 44850

Friday, 21 September 2012

Aga Class - Effortless Entertaining

Sarah Whitaker was here this morning for a popular class titled "Effortless Entertaining".

Sarah's demonstration covers how to use the Aga whilst creating delicious food as she shows us around the Aga, showing us exactly how to roast, simmer, bake etc.

Above is a delicious mushroom risotto with parmesan, no more standing by the oven stirring, pouring in stock, stirring etc, in "Aga-Land", it all gets measured and then popped inside the Aga.

These are roasted carrots withs smoked paprika, a great combination.

We also had a leg of lamb with a delicious creamy sauce, a stilton cheesecake that can be used as a starter, pesto bread and a gorgeous velvety chestnut and sweet potato soup. 

One of the puddings today was a pecan and ginger tart, it smelt amazing.

Sarah always brings her travelling shop, with lots of useful kitchen and Aga goodies, as well as her recipe books.

In two weeks time, her new book will be published:

Sarah returns to Treetops on Friday 9 November for Christmas Aga, to book please contact me.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Misty Sunrise - Watercolour Class

First Watercolour Class of term.

Claire put together some great images and ideas from a student suggestion of "Misty September Sunrises".

It was quite tricky; not much drawing, a lovely first wash and after that we had to work hard at using plenty of water, keeping our fresh pale mists that we had created, whilst adding strong tones. 

The pictures had to have a definite background, middle ground and foreground.

When all the paintings were put together at the end for our gallery, they looked fantastic .... and beautifully misty!

If you are tempted to give Watercolour a go, we have a place left on our Beginners Class on Thursday 27 September and also on Thursday 15 November.

We have a new class "Mixed Media", also with Claire on Thursday 18 October.

4 spaces left on Crisp Winter Morning, Tuesday 27 November.

And for something different with a twist on Wednesday 14 November, we have "Putting Life into Still Life"!

All classes run from 9.30am - approx 3pm.

£70 includes all of your materials, 2 course lunch with a glass of wine, home-made biscuits and refreshments throughout the day.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Cupcakes Hen Party

I had a great Saturday afternoon with Bex and her Hen Party.

There was definitely a Pink theme going on!

Chief Hen made the beautiful aprons for them all to wear.

To see their wonderful cupcakes, visit the Colourful Cupcakes Blog

There are lots of Cupcake Classes coming up, dates are on the blog.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Welcome to the New Term

 As the sun sets on the Summer holidays, I thought I would let you know how the classes are looking for next term, as we get ready to open our doors again next week.

Aga bookings are going well for our two classes, there are spaces available on both:

Friday 21 September - Effortless Entertaining
Friday 9 November - Christmas Aga (Turkey)

Christmas Flowers is almost full on Tuesday 4 December, but there are spaces available on Wednesday 5 December.

Watercolour bookings have been coming in very fast;

Misty September Sunrise - Wed 12 Sept - 2 spaces left
Beginners - Thurs 27 Sept - FULL
Reflections after the Rain - Thurs 11 Oct - 1 space left
Mixed Media - Thurs 18 Oct - 2 spaces left
Life into Still Life - Wed 14 Nov - 3 spaces left
Beginners - Thurs 15 Nov - 2 spaces left
Winter Morning - Mon 26 Nov - 2 spaces left
Winter Morning - Tues 27 Nov - 4 spaces left

Cupcake classes this term are:

Free From (Gluten/Dairy/Egg/Soya etc) 
Sat 29 Sept  11am-1pm   4 spaces

Stage 2
Sat 29 Sept  3.30pm - 6pm   5 spaces

Monday 1 Oct  11am-1pm  6 spaces

Saturday 13 Oct  11am-1pm  5 spaces

Stage 1
Saturday 13 Oct  3.30pm-5.30pm  2 spaces

Saturday 1 Dec  10am-12 noon  3 spaces

Saturday 1 Dec  3.30pm - 5.30pm  6 spaces

To book a space or to enquire about timings or prices please call or email me asap.

See you soon!