Friday, 7 June 2019

A Room with a View Watercolour

Our 'Room with a View' Watercolour class had some lovely images from St Ives in Cornwall.

We were looking at images taken from a higher view, a different perspective to paint from and a useful technique to learn if you are on holiday with your sketchbook.

The images here are when dawn is breaking in St Ives over the town and church

There are some beautiful skies here produced by some very clever washes and a lovely perspective of looking down on the town and tops of trees

These two are of the harbour, looking down into the bay, at this perspective you catch the sea behind the pier and the houses which is a lovely addition to the painting.

Afternoon Tea Watercolour

Wednesday's Watercolour Class with Claire was all about Afternoon Tea in the Garden

With beautiful colours

The morning started with some drawing of the teapot, cup and saucer, milk jug and the cake stand

Placed on a table with a pretty tablecloth, it was time to start creating our background washes

Showing a hint of roses, hollyhocks, lupins in the background

We had a variety of flowers in the jugs and indeed a selection of pretty jugs, especially the one above!

The cake stands were full of strawberries, scones, sandwiches and cupcakes.

I knew a normal lunch wouldn't really work today, so we had an Afternoon Tea instead, full of delicious savoury and sweet treats served with a selection of teas, it really did hit the spot!

Mushroom and Pine Nut Tarts

Egg & Cress, Salmon Chive & Cream Cheese and Cucumber sandwiches

Strawberry or Gin & Tonic Meringues made by Emma at Wooden Spoon Macarons in Cold Ash.

Mini caramel, cream and strawberry tarts

Scones with clotted cream and raspberry jam

Gorgeous Banoffee Tarts, I loved the touch of brushing melted dark chocolate into the pastry cases before filling.

And finally some mini pink meringues.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Floral Workshop with Lindsey

A beautiful sunshiney day for our Floral Workshop with Lindsey from

Lindsey spoke about all things floral, from the seasons, what we can grow and use from our gardens, conditioning and caring for flowers and styling.

Lindsey had brought some lovely flowers with her, some stunning coral peonies, ranunculus, roses and alliums alongside some colourful smaller flowers and foliage.

Lindsey showed how to make a hand tied arrangement followed by using chicken wire in a vase/jug/teapot to create a smaller table arrangement.

Then it was everyone elses's turn to get creative!

Everyone had the same flowers in their buckets, so it was incredible to see the very different creations at the end of the workshop.

Thank you Lindsey, we will see you back at Treetops in December for our Christmas Wreath Workshop!

Free From Cookery

We had a fun and interesting Free From Cookery Class last week which covered cooking with a whole range of ingredients that are free from gluten, wheat, dairy, soya, nuts and egg.

It was one of those classes where we were too busy talking and eating to remember to take photos!

But I did remember to take a photo of the egg free meringues being whisked

and take a photo of them as cute little meringue kisses fresh out of the oven,
they are a revelation and really delicious, you would never know they are egg free.

We enjoyed a delicious tasting lunch of fish pie, followed by flapjack pear crumble, a carrot cake and tasted the perfect gluten free pastry as little jam tarts.

We will be running this class again in September, watch out for it, it's definitely worth coming if you yourself have intolerances or allergies, or if you cook for family or friends who have.

Classes Galore!

We've been so busy with classes recently, mix that in with a new phone (learning how to transfer photos over to the computer!) and a family wedding, I'm afraid I've got slightly behind on blogging our classes.  

So to follow will be a summary of our recent classes which consisted of Watercolour, Papercutting and Free From Cookery


Claire and I had ran a Sunday Watercolour class for the first time and our theme was St Ives Harbour, the pictures were amazing, it was a long day, Claire included so many techniques!

Lucy returned to run a Personalised Papercutting Class, this was great as everyone had sent Lucy the names and celebrations they wanted on their cards and Lucy prepared the templates before the class.

We had a delicious lunch of Spring Risotto with wild garlic, and slow roasted tomatoes with toasted seeds.