Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Hello Everyone

You know what I'm going to say ...

Treetops are cancelling forthcoming classes until it's safe for us to run them again.

We will miss you all!

The tutors and I will be running the classes again as soon as we are able to, so you can keep your booking as it is, or I can arrange a refund for you.  I have sent those of you who are booked in an email this morning.

Stay safe everyone
Love Emily

Thursday, 12 March 2020

Aga One Pots with Sarah Whitaker

Sarah was back with us this week for a Warming Winter One Pot array of recipes.

Delicious recipes such as a casserole, fish pie, thai stir fry, thai soup, mushroom risotto, cauli & onion, puddings and more!

Whilst cooking, Sarah is taking us through how to use the Aga, whether it's baking, roasting, grilling, simmering and showing us how to maintain heat, juggle ovens and the classic "pop it in the simmering oven and walk away' style of Aga cooking!

A couple of today's delicious recipes were the onion and cauliflower with pine nuts and raisins above along with the banana tarte tartin, being sprinkled with icing sugar "to show you've made and effort". 😉

Always useful is Sarah's brilliant travelling shop, really useful kitchen and Aga bits and pieces along with Sarah's great recipe books.

Thursday, 5 March 2020

Sacral Chakra AromaYoga Workshop

Thank you to Rachel and everyone who joined us last night for our AromaYoga Workshop.

This month it was focussed on the Sacral Chakra

Rachel led a gentle meditation and yin yoga session whilst we listened to music specifically designed to activate and heal imbalances in the second chakra, which is responsible for emotions and creativity. 

It is very beneficial to connect with water, and some of the pieces sounded lovely with waterfalls and waves.

The Sacral Chakra is represented by the colour orange, a happy positive colour.

I chose orange foods for our nibbles at the end of our practice; peaches, sweet potato, butternut squash and oranges.

The lovely oils Rachel used for the evening were; bergamot, marjoram, citrus bliss and lavender.

In the room diffuser we enjoyed wild orange and lavender.

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Boats, Reflections and Mists Watercolour

Yesterday our group painted a lovely scene from Plockton in Scotland.

It was an opportunity to learn many techniques

After the drawing and masking, it was time for a first light wash

As the day progressed the layers and detail were intensified

They are really beautiful

Lunch was delicious Salmon, pea mash and slow roasted basil tomatoes.

We have a couple of spaces left on our Poppies Watercolour day on
 Wednesday 1 April
9:30am - 3pm

Friday, 28 February 2020

Pen & Wash Class

Friday started with a brief covering of snow, but it had all gone before our Pen & Wash class started.

The theme was A Spanish Port, and Claire had chosen a lovely colourful image from Port Sa Playa in Valencia.

The artists used permanent pen to create their sketch, using their imagination and creativity to capture the essence of the original.

A light wash of watercolour paint was added at the end, the idea is not to 'colour it in', but to add splashes and hints of colour.

We enjoyed beautiful sunshine for most of the day.

Delicious pudding today, a jaffa cake ice cream loaf cake!

One of our artists captured this lovely photo of Spring blossom from the garden before she left.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Thursday, 27 February 2020

Tulips Watercolour

The sun was shining and we enjoyed a colourful day studying and painting Tulips with watercolour.

Beautiful backgrounds and gorgeous flowers

Lunch was Saffron & Honey chicken with braised split peas and this colourful Red Cabbage and Quinoa salad

Thursday, 6 February 2020

AromaYoga - Women's Health

We enjoyed a lovely evening last night with Rachel, a very relaxing and gentle yin yoga practice whilst using and inhaling various essential oils.

Rachel spoke about the various oils and their benefits for Women's Health, whether that was menstrual cycle, infertility, peri menopause and menopause.

Fascinating stuff!

After our practice, which always ends under a duvet in a relaxing savasana pose, we enjoyed some delicious nibbles and warming drinks.

Rachel had brought a selection of oils with her

and had also created a fantastic oil spray for Hot Flushes!

We discussed great places to find information and support, such as the books below:

Period Power by Maisie Hill

The Essential Oils Hormone Solution by Dr Mariza Snyder

Two of my favourites are

The Good Menopause by Liz Earle
(great website lizearlewellbeing)

Menopause by Dr Louise R Newson
(great website menopausedoctor)

Rachel returns for a Sacral Chakra AromaYoga workshop on Wednesday
4 March
7pm - 9pm
(2 places available)