Wednesday, 1 December 2021

A Winter Scene and December Prize Draw!


Announcing our latest Online Watercolour Workshop

A Winter Scene
Salisbury Cathedral

A perfect way to start December

In this workshop Claire will show you how to put colour and light into your work and bring some cheery sunshine into your snowy paintings.

The class is suitable for all levels of artist and Claire teaches in a step by step style.  The video has been divided into stages, so it's easy to follow, and you will receive a materials list along with painting information and a paint chart.

With our film, you can press pause, rewind and watch it as many times as you like.  You can also use the skills Claire is showing you to reference against other paintings you may be undertaking.

We have 7 other Online Art Workshops to choose from, once you have bought and downloaded them, they are yours to keep.

For the month of December we will be running a PRIZE DRAW to win a fantastic book called 

the artist's manual 

You will receive one free entry for every Online Art Workshop bought during the first 17 days of December, so that I can post it to the winner on Saturday 18 December.

It's a beautiful hardback book from Dorling Kindersley worth £25.  It would make a beautiful gift for either yourself or for an artist you know this Christmas.

(We also donate £1 for every Workshop bought to The Woodland Trust)

We also have Rachel's Autumn Woodland Yoga Online for you to buy.

It's a great Workshop, which we filmed in the woods at Treetops, a lovely flow of Hatha, Yin and Restorative Yoga, suitable for all levels.
(but not if you are pregnant)

Rachel also supplies a beautiful playlist on Spotify to play alongside, or you can just listen to the birds in the trees.

Once downloaded it is yours to keep and you can watch it again and again.  Perfect to keep you calm at this time of year.

If you would like to buy any of the Art Materials from the shop as gifts this Christmas please let me know they are gifts, and I will gift wrap them for you at no extra charge.

There are Gift Vouchers available on the website too

I think that is your December round up from Treetops, please let me know if you have any questions.

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Treetops in the snow last week!

Friday, 12 November 2021

How we created our Online Workshops

Claire and I have worked together running our Art Classes at Treetops since 2005, that's 16 years!

We've welcomed so many artists, from the beginners, the terrified, the seasoned and proficient.

We spend a day being taught by Claire, step by step, to create a wonderful masterpiece to take home.

Whether it's in watercolour, acrylics, pen and wash, pastels or oils.

But roll on 2020-2021 and with life changing somewhat due to the Coronavirus, with both my boys back at home, and the world of online workshops opening up, I thought now was the time to get filming.  The pair of them are skilled in sound engineering, filming, photography and editing, it would be silly not to put them to work!

Claire thought it was as great idea and something she'd been thinking of for a while, so we spent several days planning workshops, ideas, what Claire was going to wear and keeping her calm when she realised she would be in HD!

Claire has known my boys since they were 9 and 5, so it was a very relaxed atmosphere, and Alex was very good at putting Claire at ease, as he set up various lights, microphones and camera tripods.

I was on hand to check we had everything in shot that we needed.

Claire teaches in a step by step style which worked really well for filming and creating natural breaks.  I made copious amounts of notes, mainly of when an aeroplane went overhead, the doorbell rang, Claire coughed - all the useful things for Sam to know about when it came to the sound edit later on in the process.

After filming 7 Workshops, it was over to Alex and myself to edit, this can take half a day per workshop and involves editing the colour, adding any text, inserting the stage breaks, adding photographs and other video to the film, making sure it's all perfectly in synch.  It's as visually perfect as it can be.  And did I mention Claire is in HD ...... (she'll never forgive me).

It then gets sent over to Sam in his sound suite, he studied Sound Engineering at Uni, and can hear things I don't even notice, his knowledge is incredible.

He can remove outside noise and unwanted jumps in sound levels.  And had to deal with me saying "at 25 minutes in there is a dog barking, can you remove that but still have Claire talking" ...

Whilst all the editing was happening with the boys, I was working on a new website with the lovely Erin from Lime White Marketing, where we could have an online shop for buying the Workshops and also Art Materials.

It was quite the learning curve due to the workshops being such large files, if you think of all the layers of pictures, sound, voice, effects and images etc

We also had to look at copyright and piracy and in the end we chose Vimeo to host the platform for our Workshops.

You receive a password when you buy one, for your solo use and it's then yours to keep forever once you've downloaded it.

Each workshop needed its own file, it required a material list of everything Claire used so that you can create the painting at home.  Claire painted lovely little paint charts to go with each workshop.  Gerald, her husband, created the image stages for each workshop, so you receive downloadable images of the painting in it's sketch stage, first wash stage etc.

Our whole house had Claire's voice ringing out from various rooms for days!

I was downstairs watching each workshop to double check everything was perfect before uploading it to the website.  With each Workshop being 60 minutes - 105 minutes, that took quite some time.

We are really pleased that our first 7 Workshops have something for everyone, we have Beginners, Advanced, a seascape, a landscape, a floral painting, a cheeky squirrel for pen & wash and a seasonal painting which is currently Autumn Berries.

Once everything was uploaded, it was time to think of the Online Shop.

We know it's hard to get hold of good paper, and Claire has always taught that you need the best quality thick paper for your Watercolour painting, and that for us is Saunders Waterford from St Cuthberts Mill in Somerset.

  We have created a pack with 4 sizes plus some very useful templates that we use in the workshops, so that  you can create your painting size the same as Claire and then use one of our Mounts if you would like to.

Likewise our Mounts, that Gerald makes, come in packs of 4, and are beautiful quality, double mounted and 100% acid free, you just need to choose your size.

We have Claire's gorgeous watercolour paints, available in 14ml tubes in an array of lovely colours, also her Sketchpad, which has the thickest sketchbpad paper on the market, perfect for taking out and about, you can use both sides of the paper with your paints.

And finally our Materials Box we have put together for you:

We worked hard at putting something together at the best price we could, that has everything you need in it to get you started and to be able to use it to work alongside the Workshops*

(* If a Workshop requires an additional colour paint, or texture paste, we let you know on the materials list when you buy your workshop).

The box costs £75 and saves you 20% on the RRP.

Inside you will find

4 sheets of Saunders Waterford paper
6 SAA 14ml tubes of paint
A set of paintbrushes

this would normally cost you £70 at this point, but we have added:

A muffin palette
A 16 well palette
Masking Fluid
Masking Pen
A Colour Wheel
Sample papers from the Mill
An HB pencil, ruler and rubber
A pipette

We were over the moon to finally launch the website and it's great to see you buying the Workshops, and even better when you send in a photo of your artwork, we love it!

To date our most popular Workshop is the Autumn Berries which is suitable for all levels of artist.

Thank you for all your support and please think of the Art Materials, Workshops and Gift Vouchers for Christmas gifts!

Sunday, 31 October 2021

So exciting, our new Website is LIVE!


 You can now buy Claire's Workshops to do ONLINE!

In the comfort of your own home, pause when you want, rewind, rewatch ...

The films have been professionally made and are fantastic.

We have launched with 7 Workshops:

Autumn Berries Watercolour

Rhododendrons Watercolour

Porthmeor Beach, St Ives Watercolour

Reflections in Croatia Watercolour

A Cottage Door in the Cotswolds Watercolour

Cyril the Squirrel Pen and Wash

Beginners Watercolour

They are all priced at £40, you can keep them forever.

You will receive a materials needed list, a paint chart, some top tips from Claire and images of the stages to help you paint along.

The videos vary in length from an hour to one hour 45 minutes, they are broken down into Claire's step by step style of teaching, so if you've been to Treetops classes before you will recognise the style.

We have also decided now was a good time to launch our Online Shop

You can buy a Materials Box of all the basic equipment you need to get started, this costs £75 and is 20% off the RRP, it would make a great gift for someone.

We have packs of Saunders Waterford Paper, our high quality Mounts, Claire's own range of watercolour paints, her sketchbook (this has the thickest paper on the market, ideal for paint washes) and Gift Vouchers, just in time for Christmas!

We really hope you find a Workshop to suit you, let us know how you get on, we'd love to see photos of your artwork!

Sunday, 24 October 2021

Online Art Workshops coming soon!



You will be able to buy these VERY SOON from a new Treetops website and online shop.  An announcement will come to you via email.

We have 7 Workshops to offer you on our Launch date, with more to follow.

When you have chosen and bought a Workshop, you will be sent a private link to connect to your Workshop on your computer, ipad or even television if you have a Vimeo app.  You can watch in peace, press pause when you need to and rewind if you need to watch a section again.  It's yours to keep, it doesn't expire, just make sure you download your Workshop within 30 days.

There are Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Workshops to choose from, and some suitable for all.  We have Watercolour and Pen & Wash to start you off with.  Claire will be teaching in her usual step by step style, for those of you that are used to coming to classes here at Treetops.  

You will also receive instruction notes, painting information, a workshop materials list and a selection of images as PDF's to accompany your Workshop.  We have thought of everything you may need.  (Just no cuppa or lunch from me sadly!)

We have put together a really useful Materials Box that you can buy, that includes the majority of the things you will need such as paper, paints, brushes, palettes, masking fluid etc.  It costs £75 (20% off the RRP).  If a workshop requires additional paint colours or texture paste the notes will let you know.

You can also buy packs of Saunders Waterford quality watercolour paper, Gerald's fantastic mounts along with Claire's Sketchpads and her wonderful watercolour paints.

As it's nearly Christmas we will also have Gift Vouchers available.  I have some festive tissue paper at the ready, to wrap anything you would like to gift someone.

We really can't wait to launch and to hear what you think of our new venture.  (Don't worry Treetops Classes will hopefully be resuming in early 2022 and we will continue to create more Workshops).

I must thank my two boys who have worked really hard behind the scenes; filming, photographing, editing and sound engineering the entire process.  Covid has hit those in their 20's who work in the Arts particularly badly, so it's been good to make use of their professional skills whilst they've been here!

Monday, 6 September 2021

Latest September News from Treetops

Hello Everyone
We've missed you

Thank you to all of you who have kept in touch during our closed period, it's been very strange not having you at Treetops for our classes.

We will be staying closed a little while longer whilst things settle down from Covid, as I want you all to be able to enjoy your relaxing Treetops day in the 'good old days' style!

I hope you've all managed to stay well and busy, perhaps picked up a new hobby or two? I've been mastering some jigsaws and making pictures with shells from my trips to Cornwall.

Claire and I have got together a few times and we are working on something fantastic to share with you shortly!

Keep an eye on your emails, the Treetops website, blog and facebook for when we make our announcement.

If you have created some artwork during lockdown and you would like to share it with us, I will be putting together a blog post shortly and would love to have a photo of it.

Best wishes Emily