Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Relaxing Candlelit Yoga & Meditation Evening

We enjoyed a lovely and relaxing evening last night with Laura.

She led us through an evening of gentle and restorative yoga flow by the fire, with candles glowing.

There are many benefits to Restorative Yoga, it stills the mind, deeply relaxes the body, enhances flexibility, balances the nervous system and boosts the immune system.

Laura chooses supported poses that we hold for several minutes, this helps the body to fully engage, soften and relax.  We use props such as bolsters, pillows, blocks and belts.

Restorative Yoga balances your central nervous system by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system.  By taking deep breaths and relaxing into the postures, the heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure and emotions slow down.

After a delicious and nutritious soup supper we took part in a meditation session which led into a lovely Yoga Nidra under the duvets with warming eye masks, with sound from Laura's koshi bells.

Our next evening is on Tuesday 8 May

7pm - 9:30pm

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