Thursday, 6 February 2014

Pen and Wash with the Rockies!

We welcomed back our "Rockies"; a group from Wokingham Rock Choir.

They have done several watercolour days with us now, so this time Claire decided to do something a little different with them.

They had a Pen and Wash Day.

Thinking small, the group first spent some time making marks on paper with the ink drawing pens, either dotting, scribbling, cross hatching or shading.

They then created small sketches from either photographs or Claire's amazing sketch book.  The pictures could then be coloured in with watercolours, with perhaps shadows, highlights and reflections added. 

All really pretty, and hopefully it will inspire everyone to get their sketch books out this Spring, there is always something you can quickly sketch, which can help with a future picture idea or just to help you practice your skills.  If you need a new sketch book, please let me know and I can order one from Claire for you.

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