Thursday, 27 February 2014

New Class Coming - Beginners Bluebells

Wednesday 30 April

9.30am - approx 3pm


Our next Beginners Class is going to be themed Bluebells, they are beautiful to paint and Claire will help you paint them step by step in Watercolour.

This class is for anyone who hasn't painted in years, or has never tried Watercolour, or who has been to one of our Beginners classes before and wants to try painting Bluebells.

Claire will talk you through the various paints, brushes and papers before you get started.  There will be plenty of time to experiment and have a play before starting the painting.

All your materials are provided and there is a 2 course lunch with a glass of wine included.

Refreshments are served throughout the day.

Due to the weather this year, I'm not sure when the Treetops Bluebells will be out, but fingers crossed they will be pretty and blue for you to see.

If you look at the blog index on the right hand side, you will see BLUEBELLS, if you click on there it will show you other Bluebell classes we have done over the years.  It's definitely been one of our most popular classes.

To book please email or call

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