Thursday, 13 February 2014

A Little bit of Perspective......

Yesterday's Watercolour Class was themed Perspective, after some requests for some drawing help and advice at previous classes.

It can be quite complicated in drawing and can lead into dangerous mathematical territory, but Claire's plan was to simplify it and to start with focal points and vanishing points.

Above is her talking the group through horizon lines!

Claire chose Venice, one of her favourite cities to paint.

With the narrow canal, buildings either side, and windows and shutters galore, it was a really good drawing exercise.

The drawings (using a ruler) took most of the morning and wore away many erasers!

But they looked fantastic, and with a bit of help from Claire the drawings reached a really good stage by lunchtime.

Claire and I did comment that due to the concentration it was the quietest class we have ever had! 

After lunch, it was time for the watercolours to come out

and for the washes and detail to follow.

The finished paintings were amazing, so much atmosphere, colour and Venetian feel.

It was a long day for the artists but I think they went home having achieved a great deal.

After all the stormy weather yesterday, the lashing rain and dark skies, it was lovely to get out this morning (mainly to check for tree damage) and see the snowdrops and the sunshine.

See you after half term.

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