Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Pebeo Seascapes

And now for something a little different ....

On Thursday we had a Pebeo class

Pebeo are acrylic paints with a high viscosity that can be used on boards, canvas and also glass.

You can create great effects with their fantasy paints and watch them bleed into the other paint you've already put down.

More information on the paints can be found here

They are easily available from places such as Hobbycraft.

Today's theme was all about Seascapes, making blue sea effects of waves, rolling skies and becoming mesmerised as the paintings developed in their own way (and time!)

We stopped for lunch allowing some of them to dry, it takes about 24-48 hours for them to dry, or DAYS if you add alot of paint and alot of layers!

Claire is now heading off to teach at Marlborough Summer School, but once she has finished we will be announcing our Autumn term dates and subjects.

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