Sunday, 28 January 2018

About Meditation ........

We have a Meditation class here with Laura on a Monday morning, from 10:45am - 11:45am

But I hear many of you ask "what is meditation, what will I have to do"?

My answer is "come and give it a go", it's great, very relaxing and soothing. 

The main purpose of meditation is to make our mind calm and peaceful, meditation strengthens the connections between the regions of the brain that regulate our emotional responses.

Firstly, we are very lucky to have Laura Routh-Parsons, who is a BSoM (the British School of Meditation) accredited and highly trained teacher, this is really important in both your introduction to meditation and developing your practice.

You know you are in safe hands.

We sit quietly, eyes closed and focus on our breathing, our body starts to relax, shoulders drop and we count silently on our in-breath and our out-breath.  This helps with the focus.

We sometimes change the counts as the breath and focus is developed.

At Treetops it's lovely as we can hear the birds and it's very peaceful, no traffic noise or sounds of others.

Laura also creates a beautiful sound meditation with bells and her sound bowl.

We can also lie down and continue our meditation.  We've also meditated with essential oils and focussed on the flicker of a candle.  Sometimes Laura reads some beautiful passages from books and poems, and whispers some soothing mantras.  It's never boring!  And the time flies by.

There are so many benefits to meditation, it's definitely worth incorporating it into your life:

It reduces stress
Releases tension
Improves concentration
Encourages a healthy focus and lifestyle
Increases self-awareness
It increases happiness
It even slows ageing!
Great for anxiety, depression, anger, fatigue and insomnia

Come and spend an hour at Treetops and see what you think ..... 

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