Friday, 15 September 2017

Acrylics & Collage Class

We started our Art Term with an Acrylics and Collage Class with Claire.

- Cafe Scene -

The majority of the class were new to Arylics.

Claire started the morning talking about acrylic paints and how they are best applied.

Using a canvas board attached to hardboard, Claire then demonstrated how she plans her painting with blocks of colour, preparing your paint beforehand is key, make sure you have got enough mixed up in the colours you need.  She shared a lot of tips with everyone.

Once the blocks of paint had been applied it was time for the collage.  Photocopies of cafe scene photographs were used, waiters, menu boards and customers sitting at tables and chairs.

We used pva glue to stick these onto the dry acrylic paint.

After lunch, it was time to put in the detail and blend the collage into the painting.  If you click on the photo below, you can see Claire's close up, see where she painted in people, where she left collage and added some gold pen to help things stand out. 

Claire spoke about creating a pathway into the cafe, creating depth in the doorway and adding shadows to the floor, all these touches helped complete the paintings.

Below is our brilliant gallery from the day....


When you stand back from the paintings, it is very hard to tell which bit is paint and which bit is collage. 

There are a couple of spaces left in December on our Pen & Wash class and also our Winter Scene.

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