Thursday, 20 October 2016

Our Pebeo Paints Class

Sorry for the delay in posting this term's classes on the blog, I've got a new computer and it's taken me a while to work out how the photos work on here!

Our first class of the term was a new one;

Pebeo Paints

They are acrylic paints with a high viscosity and can be used on glass and also on boards and canvas.

You can create great effects with the fantasy paints and watch them bleed into the other paint you've put down. 

Claire demonstrated to the group, before they were let loose with their choice of colours

We had a break for lunch before continuing into the afternoon

Here is our finished artwork ready to go home ...

(Pebeo paints aren't quite dry for 24 hours so we had our gallery after the class on the hall floor!)

Beautiful butterflies, kingfishers, experimental patterns and a seascape

A busy day! 

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