Wednesday, 16 September 2015

September's Beginners & Refreshers Watercolour Class

We had a lovely start to the new term last week

our Beginners and Refreshers class

Claire covered so many skills in today's class and they coped brilliantly!

The day started with learning about paints, paper, brushes and mixing before moving onto technique.

Claire showed the group how to put a composition together, sometimes using parts of various photos and images.

We had a rest over lunch before putting all the finishing touches on the paintings.

At the end of the class, Claire presents the paintings in professional mounts and displays them for us all to see.  It's great to see them away from the scruffy boards and messy tape.

If you look closely at the barn and the hay bales you can tell which painting our Farmer Artist did!

We will be holding another Beginners class in January.

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