Friday, 27 February 2015

Spring Flowers Watercolour

A really colourful day surrounded by very pretty Spring Flowers

We were painting Flowers from still life today, there were an assortment of pretty jugs and pots filled with daffodils, tulips, roses and foliage.

Claire explained about the various shapes of flowers such as trumpets, cups and saucer, and let us play with the flowers to help create our perfect little arrangement.  Top tips were to angle the daffodil and to show the centre of the rose. 

We sketched with pencil first, and then used some masking fluid to protect some of our defined edges before painting our first background wash.

After lunch we painted the flowers and foliage.  We then had a subtle background and a bright and beautiful foreground, so we had to work on our mid-tones and add some colour to blend the two together.

To finish we painted the jugs and added our shadows.

Here are our paintings:

At the end of the day, Claire puts the paintings into mounts and we have a small gallery, they looked great!

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