Thursday, 14 November 2019

Christmas Aga with Sarah Whitaker

Christmas Aga comes around again so quickly!

Sarah was here today, showing us some great new ideas and recipes for Christmas, whilst showing everyone around the Aga, how to use it efficiently and effectively.

We discussed what can be made ahead and frozen for the festive period.

Talked about pans, trays, dishes

Sarah shared tips galore and answered some great questions.

Here is just a small selection of what Sarah managed to cook in just 2 hours!

Shredded stir fried brussel sprouts, delicious!

Courgette and carrot bake, perfect for vegetarians or as a side dish

Banana and pecan pudding cake

Here's the glorious slow cooked turkey, along with smoked haddock tart, chicken & apricot casserole, cauliflower souffle and everyday sides such as roast potatoes, rice, beans and gravy!

Sarah will be back at Treetops in the New Year.

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