Monday, 22 October 2018

Retreat Day - Forest Bathing

It's been really busy with classes at Treetops this term, so it was lovely on Saturday to have one of our Relax & Restore Retreat days with Laura.

What a beautiful autumnal day it was too!

Our theme for the day was Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing (aka Shinrin-Yoku) is letting nature into your body through all five senses, the woodland and grounds at Treetops are just perfect for this.

In the morning Laura led some grounding Yoga indoors, followed by a delicious and nutritious lunch.

Lunch was inspired by Deliciously Ella's new book

After lunch we had our Wellbeing session where we talked about the benefits of being outside, especially as we head into Winter, how being amongst the trees and nature is so good for our blood pressure, stress levels, immune functions, helping our minds and bodies relax.  Just 15 minutes has proven benefits.

The book below "The Nature Fix: by Florence Williams, is brilliant and I really recommend it.

We headed outside into the woods and Laura led a gentle meditation, listening to the trees and the birds (and the falling acorns landing around us!)

Everyone had some quiet time to wander and collect some autumnal treasures

In the afternoon we made our own Smudge Sticks

Smudging is the ancient practice of burning herbs for spiritual cleansing and purification.

We had lavender, rosemary and rose petals from the garden

Sage and a variety of acorns, sticks and leaves from the woods.

You tie them together with string and wrap them tightly together, leave them to dry upside down for a week or two.  You then light the smudge stick and allow it to smoulder in a dish.

The benefits include improved mental focus (thanks to the rosemary) an increase to your wellbeing, improves sleep (lavender) increases energy, clears negative energy and the air around you.

We finished the Retreat with some meditative candle-gazing and amazing sound therapy under snuggly duvets and warmed eye pillows.  Bliss!

This was our last Retreat Day for 2018 but if you would like to join us in 2019, please send me an email.  Gift Vouchers are now available for Christmas Gifts

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