Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Mixed Media with Watercolour

Yesterday was a fun Mixed Media class, working with texture and different mediums alongside Watercolour.

We spent the morning adding things such as salt, string, crushed egg shell, tiny beads, bleach, crayon, pastels, candle wax, cling film and bubble wrap onto both wet and dry watercolour.

It was time to play and experiment, seeing what we liked best, what gave the best results and gave us thoughts for our planned painting later in the day.

The above photo shows what was left behind after we removed the bubble wrap, cling film and string.

A lovely bubble wrap imprint below..

And here are the finished paintings, we all used the lovely texture paste, to help create either waves, walls or piers.  The salt was very popular, both fine salt and the larger grained sea salt.

It was a really fun day, thanks Claire.

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