Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Winter Landscapes Watercolour Class

Happy Smiles on our last day of Art Term!

Claire demonstrating today's Winter Landscapes painting.

Below are the finished paintings; 

Spot the ducks in this silvery wintery painting...

I love the ducks below!

At the end of the class, Claire presents the paintings in professional mounts, which instantly smartens them up, the tape is removed, the paintings are taken off the scruffy board and for a few moments you can't quite work out which one is yours!

It's great to see everyone's work at the end of the day, how different they can all be, even though everyone started with the same palette of colours. 

(Thank you to Matt for taking over today's photography so well!)

Today's composition was inspired by several ideas and images that Claire had.  She showed everyone a really interesting way of putting together a painting.

First of all she had a sketch of some farm buildings and a farmhouse.

From this she thought a wintery lake with reflections and trees would look really good in the forefront of the composition. 

Everyone sketched this out, masked the areas that were to stay pure white and snowy.  This rubbery texture dries and works as a resistance as you paint lots of layers of colour over the top.

Claire had these photos from the floods near her parents house, which she used to help sketch out the trees, reflections and water.

It's really useful to keep a filing system of reference material, even if it's simply; Seascapes, Landscapes, Flowers, Animals etc

We look forward to seeing Claire back at Treetops in January.

If you are interested in starting to learn to paint with Watercolour, or think you'd like a refresher class, then join us on Wednesday 21 January, for Beginners Watercolour.

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