Saturday, 3 May 2014

Bluebells, Bluebells, Bluebells!

Wednesday morning started very misty, the Bluebells looked so bright when I went down to the woods, surrounded by grey and mist.

Our Bluebell watercolour classes have always been very popular, and if you click on the index on the right, you will see photographs from our past Bluebell classes.

Today's class was just for Beginners, and a few people who came back to us and used it as a Refresher class.  These classes involve a much longer introduction to the paints, papers, brushes, and plenty of time to play and experiment with mixing and creating colours before starting the painting.

Here are the amazing works of art from our Beginners!

The group managed to paint beautiful trees, they are very tricky to shade, position and look real, but the woodlands here with their meandering paths were very atmospheric.

The sun come out, it was a beautiful day and the blossoming wisteria smelt divine.

Our lovely artists!

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